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Heart Cakes FAQ

Our most beloved cakes, our heart cakes, are the perfect centrepiece for your celebration. We have a lot of options to choose from, so if you're stuck on selections, here are some commonly asked questions and our answers.

Heart Cakes FAQ

  • Do you accept custom colour requests not listed?

Unfortunately no. We have done our best to offer a wide range of 15 colours for selection. These are the colours we keep in stock, so we are not able to offer customisations beyond those listed.

  • Can I add a longer message (more than 25 characters?)

Unfortunately no, this is the maximum amount of letters that will fit on our cakes (trust us, we've tried!) The shorter the message, the more it stands out. Try simplifying your message by switching "Happy Birthday" to "Happy Bday" or simply "HBD". We offer letters and numbers, so you might like to try the numbers of the year you a celebrating, like "21" or "30".

  • Can I have a custom message that is not letters or numbers?

Unfortunately no. We use stamps to cut out the messages that go on the cakes, which are only available in letters and numbers (we can not provide !@#$%& symbols or emojis). If you use a sybol like & or + in the message box provided, this will be automatically omitted from the message.

  • Are your portions coffee size or dessert size?

Our cake portions are coffee size, meaning they are 1" x 1" x height of the cake.

  • Can I send you a photo of exactly the cake I want?

Unfortunately we are not looking to replicate another cake designer's work. The photos you see are all our cakes and true to our style. If you are looking for a more intricate design and have an unlimited budget, Brisbane has some very talented cake designers working on one off designs who would be better suited to replicating a specific design.

  • My event falls on a day you are closed, how many days will the cake be okay in the fridge?

We make all of our cakes fresh and have mastered our recipes for longevity. Cakes picked up on a Saturday will still taste the same up to the following Tuesday. Unfortunately we do not offer cake collections on days the bakery is closed as there is no one on site.

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