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  • Chunky Cookies 💌 - Brooki Bakehouse
  • Chunky Cookies 💌 - Brooki Bakehouse
  • Chunky Cookies 💌 - Brooki Bakehouse
  • Chunky Cookies 💌 - Brooki Bakehouse
  • Chunky Cookies 💌 - Brooki Bakehouse
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  • Chunky Cookies
Chunky Cookies

Chunky Cookies

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Our locally famous cookies are now available to be shipped Australia wide & to select countries worldwide! These chunky New York style cookies are the perfect excuse for a date night on the couch, or the perfect gift for someone special. Each box includes 6 chunky New York style cookies. 

Best Sellers Box includes:

NYC Cookie (Dark Choc Walnut)
Nutella Milk Choc Chip
Red Velvet 
Double Chocolate
Classic Choc Chip

Nut-Free Box includes:

Classic choc chip
Double Chocolate
Red Velvet
Oreo Cookie
Birthday Cake Cookie

Net weight: 900 grams

Allergen Warning:  All cookies contain wheat, soy, eggs, milk. Some cookies contain nuts. All cookies may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts. For a full ingredients list, please click here. 

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Cookie Care

Our cookies are made fresh and aren’t packed with preservatives. That said, each cookie is heat sealed for maximum shelf life, meaning they’ll remain fresh for two weeks before starting to change in texture and taste.

If you don’t think you’ll consume them within two weeks, we recommend sticking them in the freezer as soon as you receive them, after which you can enjoy them for up to 1 month!

Delivery Info

We currently ship to Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada and Singapore.


Please allow 1-3 business days for dispatch and 1-3 business days for delivery (express postage times vary depending on your location. You can check postal times here.

We ship on Mondays-Thursdays. If your order is placed after 8:00am on Thursday, it will be shipped the following Monday.


We ship all international orders on Mondays to give them the best chance to arrive to you same week. All international orders will be shipped via DHL Express Post on Mondays.

For all other FAQ'S about our Delivery please click here.

Allergens and Ingredients

All cookies contain gluten. Some cookies contain nuts. If you have allergies, please read the ingredients carefully before ordering.

For a full ingredients list, please click here.

All of our cookies are halal friendly.

We use Belgian chocolate and New Zealand Butter in all of our cookies for the best tasting bite, every time.

Chunky Cookies

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